Photography of Holy Baptism
The birth of a child brings joy and responsibility into the family.The parents have to decide when to baptise the child or not. Holy baptism is the most important sacrament and childs first contact with the Church. The godson becomes a Child of God, and the parents obligate themselves to upraise in the Christian faith. To Photograph a holy baptism is not just to take a few pictures. It consist of capturing the right light, flushing with holly water, to document the church events and to make interesting pictures. The point of making those pictures is to create something beautiful, unique – a memory of a special day. My goal is to make beautiful pictures that will make an everlasting memory. Every picture is edited by myself and nothing is left to a coincidence. I want to put a life into every picture. I do not use additional effects, such as hearts, baloons… My goal is to make a picture colorfull, full of life. Pictures of holy baptism will through the years probably be the only thing that your child will remember from that day. This is a special event for you and yours child – put it in my […]
08 Jan 2015 in Baptism, Children, Church, Family, by
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